Venosta Nordic
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Cross-country skiing and biathlon in Venosta Valley (IT), Nauders (AT) and Val Müstair (CH)

Venosta Nordic - This is the name of the cross-country skiing trail network in the west of South Tyrol, around the Ortles mountain, Resia lake and just beyond the state borders.

Seven areas have joined together to offer a total of 12 cross-country skiing trails and 118 km of trails in three countries.

Despite the diversity of the Venosta Nordic cross-country skiing areas, they all share one thing in common: the idyllic solitude of the forests. Despite the sizeable numbers of visitors attracted to this destination, it still allows individuals to practice their preferred Nordic winter sport in the tranquillity of these pristine mountains.
Cross-country skiing areas
The 7 Venosta Nordic cross-country skiing areas
The seven Venosta Nordic sports areas offer an extended skiing season as well as guaranteed snow conditions. This is true for Solda/Sulden (1,900 m above sea level), as well as the nordic ski centres of Slingia/Schlinig and Val Martello Valley extending as far as the Resia and S.Valentino lakes, and across the border with Austria to Nauders and Val Müstair in Switzerland.
Cross-country skiing trails
118 km of cross-country skiing trails for nordic winter sports
The variety of 118 kilometers of scenic cross-country skiing trails, at high altitudes or in the woods, will challenge lovers of classic cross-country skiing and skating, beginners and experienced cross-country skiers.
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Top events
Due to the elevation, the Venosta Nordic areas also host national and international sports events.
Vacation planning
Accomodation for your cross-country ski holiday