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The cross-country skiing area Solda/Sulden (IT)

Skiing around the majestic Ortler Mountain

Overshadowed by the Ortler, the settlement of Solda/Sulden is one of the areas in the Alps blessed with ever-present winter snow. Getting an early start to the winter season enables athletes and competitive runners to prepare in good time, and even the more enthusiastic recreational cross-country skiers can make a head start. In early November, when normal hiking is still ongoing at lower altitudes on the green meadows, woods and fields, Solda/Sulden is already preparing for the winter sports season. At altitudes of between 1,850 m and 1,920 m, the cross-country trails offer breath-taking panoramas and fresh mountain air. Beginners and seasoned sportspersons can choose their routes according to various difficulty-levels.

Not only does the winter season here begin earlier than elsewhere, but it also lasts longer. Solda/Sulden offers numerous cross-country ski-trails throughout the winter season, which usually lasts until mid-April, the end of which is heralded with the appearance of the apple blossoms in the valley below.

An unusual feature of cross-country skiing in Solda/Sulden is that the trails start right in the centre of the village, with its ski rental services also offering specialized equipment for cross-country skiers. Refreshment stops can be found at the end of the valley, at the Cevedale cable car and in the centre of Solda/Sulden (Hartmann wine bar, Payer and many others).
Cross-country skiing trails in Solda/Sulden
High-Altitude Cross-Country Skiing Trail in Solda/Sulden
High-Altitude Cross-Country Skiing Trail in Solda/Sulden
Route length:5.683km
Altitude:1844m - 1918m
Difficulty: Easy
Cross Country skiing
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Next to the chairlift Kanzel 

Characterising the cross-country skiing trail in Solda is easy. It is a simple but fascinating route at 1,900 m above sea level with views of the Ortler, Cevedale and Königspitze mountains. With the certainty of snow throughout the winter, the 7 km long, high altitude trail in Solda is sure to excite skating and classic cross-country skiers. The high altitude trail in Solda is groomed from the middle of November to the middle of April. The one-day ticket can be purchased directly at the valley station of the Kanzel chairlift, where parking is available.

Near the pulpito chair lift

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